How To Use LinkedIn For Business/Marketing

How to Use Linkedin

In the previous post on the site, we have discussed how to use LinkedIn and write summaries and headlines, etc. and you are quite familiar with the platform now and want to use to promote your business/marketing.

LinkedIn has more than 630M active members. 95% of fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn talent solutions plus other features daily. In addition, if you are wondering how to use LinkedIn for your business too? This post reveals some valuable and practical tips to help you use LinkedIn for your business/marketing. Keep in mind this is assuming you have opened a company page and career pages, so on, etc.

Instagram For Small Business: Effective Growth Strategy Explained

Instagram For Small Business

You already run a small business, or have been thinking to have one? Yet with, so much going on around the world, and on your mind, the hesitation whether to be on Instagram or not has been on its peak.

In spite of all the naysayers and doubts in your head, you came through and decided to create your own.

Now you are looking to scale it over social media, namely Instagram to help increase the number of potential customers and sales.

How To Download Twitch Videos [Clips, Highlights, VODs]

Over recent years Twitch has evolved from a game streaming platform into a massive live broadcast with a wider reach. It is now featuring talk shows, sports (including hugely popular esports), travel and outdoors, special events, and even food and drinks (who would’ve thought?). 

While gaming still makes up the majority of Twitch content, there are music performances (fun Twitch Sings is one of them), cooking classes, arts and crafts tutorials, and real-life streams like videos in Just Chatting category.