Author: Craig McRoy

As a recent English Literature graduate, Craig is keen on exploring new facets of English, be it guest posting, editing projects, or getting his first Kindle book self-published. Calm and thoughtful at work, Craig is hectic and lively when paragliding, rollerskating or biking in his spare time.

Influencer Outreach: The Secrets Of Irresistible Outreach Email

Influencer outreach is an important aspect of every business, or it can be. 

Ever since the evolution of influencers, many businesses have been biting their nails thinking and looking for ways to get a piece of that pie, to use this opportunity for business. 

If you happen to be a small business or something alike, you are looking for your share too. 

Perhaps, just looking to promote your business with influencer marketing, or just looking for a piece in the pie.  

Either way, these outreach tips will help you land your favorite influencer and get your business the traffic you need. 

How To Use LinkedIn For Business/Marketing

How To Use LinkedIn for Business

In the previous post, we have discussed simple steps to use LinkedIn to write summaries and headlines. Now that you are quite familiar with the platform, you want to start using it to promote your business/marketing.

LinkedIn has more than 630M active members. 95% of fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn Talent Solutions plus other features daily. If you are wondering how to use LinkedIn for your business too, this post will reveal some valuable and practical tips to help you use LinkedIn for your business and marketing. Keep in mind this is assuming you have opened a company page and career pages already