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Rate a Seller on Facebook: All Steps

To rate a seller on Facebook, first, you need to be on the app. This was one of the first things you needed to know how to rate a seller on Facebook. 

With that useful information, we are getting started with the article to teach you how to rate a buyer or seller on Facebook.

Ratings are important factors when trading online, whether you want to buy or sell. They help you identify how trustworthy or how good the service is. 

How To Delete Reddit Account: 2021 Guide

Reddit is the king of social media platforms. Or so any respectable Redditor will say. However, sometimes we all get slightly tired of wild unnecessary debates unveiling on subreddits. Or maybe you have just decided that it’s time for you to stop spending so much time on this platform.

Regardless, if you are reading this post, you want to know how to delete Reddit account. 

Facebook Jail, What It Is, and How To Avoid

Facebook jail is a relatively new program put forth by Facebook. And it works much like the real prison.

Learning about Facebook jail applies to every influencer and entrepreneur. Well, not just learning but also, how to stay away from it. 

Many blogs on the internet explain this very point one or the other way. And we will try to cover what Facebook jail is, and what are some of the common things that take you there.