Author: Jason Black

As a digital business analyst and marketing lead with over 8 years of experience, Jason gets the energy from sharing his digital marketing wisdom through creating quality content for GuideMeHow. His favorite passtime activities are playing the piano and jogging. He is also a big foodie.

How To Download Twitch Videos [Clips, Highlights, VODs]

Over recent years Twitch has evolved from a game streaming platform into a massive live broadcast with a wider reach. It is now featuring talk shows, sports (including hugely popular esports), travel and outdoors, special events, and even food and drinks (who would’ve thought?). 

While gaming still makes up the majority of Twitch content, there are music performances (fun Twitch Sings is one of them), cooking classes, arts and crafts tutorials, and real-life streams like videos in Just Chatting category. 

How To LinkedIn [Your Simple Guide To Using LinkedIn]

LinkedIn has become the second biggest social media platform in order of importance for both business and personal connections. The books on the subject of explaining this platform have been widely popular equivalent to the demand thereof.

This post is going to focus on the beginners for the platforms and even those who might be on already but looking for some tips to optimize their profiles.

How to Buy Instagram Likes: from Where to How in 3 Minutes

If you think it’s damn cool to keep your “4-follower” Instagram account as organic as possible with no paid engagement at all this post is not for you.

If, however, you are intrigued by the chance to boost your Instagram likes with a reliable service, this how-to guide strips down the where and how you should buy the likes.  From start to finish.

Buy Instagram likes, get Instagram likes, buy Instagram likes fast…