The Complete Guide to Buying TikTok Likes: When, Where and How in 5 Minutes

How to buy TikTok likes

Beginner-friendly guide to buying TikTok likes is a complete manual on how to make most of a thousand TikTok likes you want to get. You’ll learn when, where, and how to buy TikTok likes to avoid shady services.

If you ever wanted to get away from the TikTok app seeing little (if any!) engagement, you are not alone, buddy! After all, not everyone becomes an influencer, right?

Thousands and thousands across the platform are giving up their creative efforts unable to gain any following and make videos go viral.

Of course, there are always those whose who did it right, gaining traction and skyrocketing viewers’ engagement and fanship.

Now, decide whom to join: millions of low-spirited losers, or handful of high-spirited winners?

If interested how TikTok savvy manage to grow the number of likes literally overnight keep reading the post. We’ll get all your when, where and how to buy TikTok likes completely explained.


reasons to buy likes

Did we promise bonus info? Nope! It’s just logical when talking about buying stuff the first thing that comes to mind is WHY do I have to spend X amount of budget on GOD KNOWS WHAT! Sounds like you? So, why should you buy TikTok likes?

A number of TikTok likes on account and each particular video is a reflection of the value of your content for viewers. The reason no one wants you to know is the ability of an influencer to manipulate audience (even TikTok algorithm itself!) boasting an impressive million likes on profile.  

Ever heard of what is known as “crowd effect”? In one experiment, professor Robert Cialdini from Arizona State University notes that people tend to live by the principle “Popular is good”.

In other words, a ton of likes subconsciously activate “LIKE” zones in viewers serving as a sort of social proof that a video worth 15 seconds to spare. The result – great number of views, growing number of likes, and possibly, fans.

The TikTok algorithm, in turn, reacts in a very much similar way boosting highly-likable and most-viewed videos to every TikToker’s dream destination – “For You” page. Once reaching the sweet spot you’ll gain maximum viewership, and are likely to double, triple, or even quadruple your TikTok following, and, surely, likes!

Remember the old saying, likes attract likes? Both metaphorically and literally it does.


when to buy likes for TikTok

There is NO such thing as best time to buy TikTok likes! If you are serious about buying them, any time is YOUR time to magnify your TikTok reach.

That said, let’s look at when you should consider getting a bit of help from social media services offering TikTok likes.

From the years of social media experience and extensive statistics we looked into, buying TikTok likes totally worth when reaching at least 20-50 followers on profile. Anything less than that, may put you at risk of suspicion unless the number of views per video is fairly good.

And by fairly good, we mean reaching a ratio of 10:1. In simple terms, views are typically 10x more than impressions (likes, comments, shares).

Anyway, if still in doubt whether the timing is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone social media-wise you know, or leap straight into the action of buying and see how it works for your TikTok profile over the first 2-3 orders.


where to buy likes on TikTok

Choosing the right market for your purchase is as important as when to buy (if not more).

And so you scroll page after page… in hope to find the best service.

More often than not falling a victim of scammers taking your money away with zero value in return.

Cheer up! Here is a pretty little list of credible services where you can buy TikTok likes without a second thought.

The services chosen based on certain criteria as customer reviews, support rating, ease of payment, quality of likes, and regular customer discounts.

Let’s see who’s who, shall we?

5. VisibilityReseller 3.5/5

The reason why VisibilityReseller is on this list is a whole spectrum of options to choose from. Package sizes range from 100 to 5000 likes. There are a few customer reviews found online sounding mostly positive. Yet customer support isn’t impressive, which causes much inconvenience when contacting the service.

There is no live chat at all and the connection is done through the contact form only. Another flaw that hopefully will be soon improved is limited ways to pay for the service, with credit/debit card being the one and the only option available. The quality of likes appears to be better than most competitors but still leaves a room for improvement. Yet many seem to be confident buying TikTok likes.

4. Famebuys 4.0/5

Otherwise a pretty decent service, Famebuys has yet to build its credibility as a service with a couple of more reviews. The site actually states a number of reviews but does not show any bit of it to look more reliable.

The only option to make payments is PayPal, which is fine for some but in reality impacts the ease of purchase for citizens of countries where PayPal is yet to be introduced. Customer support responds fairly fast (within 24-48 hours). Still there is no live chat support and the contact is possible only for those who placed an order already, since the PayPal order number is required when filling out the contact form.

The quality of likes seems to be good and the delivery speed is satisfactory being around 24 hours depending on the amount of likes ordered. No discounts or perks are known for regular customer, although individual handling may take place.

3. Alessin 4/0/5

The best feature of Alessin is its responsive customer service. Even though communication is only done through contact us form, the team is getting back soon. Although not many, customer reviews are also 70% positive.

Payment is accepted only through PayPal and may cause some issues for customers from certain countries with no PayPal system. When you buy TikTok likes are delivered in about 24-48 hours (similar to other services delivery time). The discounts are run only during holidays and no regular customer coupons are available.

2. Followersup 4.5/5

Another similar website with customer reviews sounding quite optimistic. Not 24/7 online, yet quite responsive customer service also takes its credit. The billing options provided are credit/debit card as well as crypto (leaving out PayPal).

The quality of likes is good, but the delivery may take a week even on small orders of 100 likes, which poses a challenge when a delivery speed is important. Though not the fastest, the service strives to fully deliver the order placed with less than 5% of them being cancelled or refunded. Discounts and bonuses are infrequent , and are likely to take place on holidays only.

1. FeedPixel  5.0/5

Credited as one of the most reliable services, FeedPixel is an absolute winner of this list. A decent number of customer reviews both on site and other places online, and great helpline support accessible 24/7 speaks of priority given to customer experience.

The billing process is fairly simple and is completed within a couple of minutes. What is noticeable though, is plenty of payment options, including debit/credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency, which comes in handy when ease of payment does matter.

That said, the quality of likes is what truly deserves the most credit. All the likes are coming from real accounts and are delivered in full (no worries about your order being lost or underdelivered as for customer reviews). FeedPixel runs a loyalty program giving lifetime coupons and flexible discounts as PixRank perks. Without a doubt, the best site to buy TikTok likes risk-free.

Now as we’ve checked out the great 5 social media markets, time for actual process.

Let’s go!


how to buy tiktok likes

As you decide to buy, there is still a lot on your plate!

A quick look at multiple services tells you that buying process typically consist of 3 steps: choosing the right package of likes, making a payment, and getting the order delivery.

Let’s take FeedPixel as an example to see how the buying works for its customers and what’s different in other websites.

📌 Going to www. select Buy TikTok Likes from the services. You will immediately land on a page with a number of options to choose from. Besides TikTok likes, there are TikTok views, fans and shares. But what we liked most here is the availability of comprehensive bundles (which include TikTok fans, likes, and views in certain amounts).

When deciding whether it’s bundle or just the likes you want to buy, bear in mind social media pros usually recommend to pick a full-stack bundle for newly created accounts to balance the number of likes, or views and make it look more organic. Bundles are also best for TikTok accounts with little or no engagement to add visibility to their videos and maximize reach.

Wait! What about purchasing just likes or fans?

Depending on the performance of your video, there are times when just likes are required. Imagine your account is already jam packed with fans and is getting 100k+ views. Adding a couple of thousand likes may prove a well-balanced engaging content.

📌 Clicking on the Buy button leads you to a product page where you set the actual number of likes by choosing them from the drop down menu. The packages for likes range from 100 to 10 000, with 500 TikTok likes being the most popular package in stock.

You’ll also be asked to paste a URL link to the video you want the likes on. A bonus part is free views for the same video, or for another one you provide a second URL link for.

If, however, you decide to add up a handful of views on the same video you are purchasing TikTok likes for, you are leaving the same link. Otherwise, another link is welcome.

Based on your purchase, FeedPixel customers are gaining points to redeem on the checkout page, meaning you get a discounted price. The bigger the purchase, the greater the discount. Logical.

📌 On the checkout, on top of redeemed points, regular customers may apply certain holiday coupons to drop the price even further.

When entering your billing details, you may decide not to provide your address details (marked as optional) which saves you another couple of minutes and keeps you worry-free if you want to keep it private.

The only required fields are your first and last name and a valid email address in case of PayPal payment, and cardholder’s full name, card number, expiration date and CVC when the payment is done via a credit/debit card.

What also deserves praise is the speed of processing and the transparency of it. Order processing may take as little as 5-10 minutes, however on big enough purchases and on holidays takes much longer than that. When the order is being processed a customer is sent an automatic email notification.

Stumbling upon multiple services like FeedPixel, you may wander when to opt for a drip-feed, or what drip-feed actually is.

A drip-feed is a delivery method when a grand size order is added constantly on a weekly or monthly basis to TikToker’s account. The major benefits of it are lowered risk and improved audience engagement since the likes are appearing at a natural speed and seem quite organic. It also lowers the risk of being suspended for new accounts.

But remember, certain websites require prior notification if you want a drip-feed.

Before you go…


  • Buying TikTok likes although won’t make you famous overnight, may well help you at a beginner stage, acting as a social proof of a worthy content.
  • Getting the likes for a video pay attention at how your fans and views are doing. Not necessarily everyone has a sense of humor to catch why little more than 10 fans produced 1000X likes.
  • When thinking of getting likes for TikTok it worth to spend a few bucks more on a couple of thousands TikTok views to balance possible disproportion.
  • When choosing the right place to buy likes, things to consider besides quality of likes and regular customer discounts are customer reviews and helpline support.
  • When buying TikTok services consider the options available, ease of payment and how secure and reliable delivery is.
  • A drip-feed delivery is a good option for brand new accounts with little engagement to avoid TikTok algorithm suspicion on big orders.

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