Download TikTok Without Watermark [Online & Using Apps]

Do you want to download TikTok without watermark? 

Before we reveal how to download videos on TikTok without a watermark. Please if and when you do, give some credit to the original creator. 

Don’t just download the videos to further upload them back to the platform.

With that being said, there are actually two ways of downloading videos on TikTok.  And you can only download videos from the creators who allow it in the first place. 

Download TikTok Without Watermark

Downloading TikTok without watermark requires an application of a special service. You could literally download it from the social network itself if you don’t care about the watermark. 

Although a third-party service, it is necessary to download TikTok without watermark, a list of many services has been provided. 

However, the article won’t go in detail discussing each and every one of them. The list will be provided with a general how-to explanation for they all work with basically the same logic.

One of the best websites for avid TikTokers who want to save videos from popular creators without a watermark. As the name suggests, DownloadTikTok allows you to save TikTok without watermark on iPhone, Android, or PC. It is a fast and free tool that requires no surveys or human verification and can be easily used online without installing additional apps to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Better yet, you can download TikTok without watermark and without the actual URL link searching by the creator’s name. Once the videos pop up, you can select one and it will be saved to your device. 

In case you want to take the “good ol’ time” approach, this online video downloader has an additional field for pasting a URL link of a video for older posts that may not show up in the system. Many users find it easy to switch from method to method when downloading TikTok clips. DownloadTikTok does not have any ads and will not ask for subscription upgrades to let you download without watermarks. The files are saved in their original MP4 format.

This website is pretty simple, you just need to enter your URL into the empty area in the middle of the website. Then, click on the “Download” button.

You need to wait for a few seconds or minutes until the video gets rendered. You will have the option to download it from various Snaptik servers.

Be mindful though as this site is full of ads and you are going to encounter one in every step of the downloading process.

The size of the video is not quite big. It also depends on how good the quality of that video is and it’s usually not that big.

This is another one of the platforms  where you can download TikTok without watermark. The way it works is basically the same as everything else on the market.

However, they do promise unlimited downloads and the possibility to download MP3 and MP4s as well. 

These two were the two sites that came out on top and showed some results. 

 However, we will list a few others down below that work equally as well as these two. 

The only thing is they all seem to have quite the number of ads present on their platforms. Ads are present everywhere now, but they overdo it just by a bit. 

You will have to forget about ads and focus on what you need and just leave when you are done.

Below is the list of apps and sites that help you download TikTok without watermark. 


Apart from those, let us answer some of the burning questions from the internet. Those that you may be itching to know about apart from download TikTok without watermark. 

How to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark iPhone

If you want to know about doing the same thing but on an iPhone, there is a simple solution to this problem. And the solution is those sites. 

Yes, those sites we mentioned just above work the same on mobile as it is on any device. 

You might find it more convenient searching for a term like “download TikTok without watermark on PC” than on mobile. But it works on every other platform too. 

TikTok Remove Watermark Apk

If you have ever wondered about how to remove a TikTok watermark and looked for some apk files to help you with it. It is time to stop. 

Those apps are not safe, well many of them. And only just a few will truly change the logo.

But why download a whole new application that you will forget after first use or two, and leave it on your mobile?

You can, in fact, achieve the same with online downloaders that is far more convenient and easy.

TikTok Downloader MP3

Instead of looking for TikTok downloader MP4, use the tools above, most of which will tell you and let you download videos, dance moves, and songs, TikTok without watermark.

To download TikTok MP3s you don’t need to visit a specific site. You can in fact download those from the creators on TikTok. And that way is always simple. 

However, if you want to download TikTok without watermark even though it is just a simple MP3 it’s best to follow some steps.

To wrap up 

To download TikTok without watermark is an easy task and can be done in a few seconds. However, as we have warned you about using it for illegal or illicit purposes, we must remind you again. 

Just because you can download without watermark doesn’t mean you need to spread it further on the same platform and take advantage of other creator’s talent. 

However, it is possible you want the content to be on your local device so that you can watch it offline, at times when you don’t have internet access. 

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