Facebook Badges: A Full List + How To Get Them

Facebook badges, also known as Facebook group badges, is a way to praise admins, moderators, and certain group members for contributions to group discussions. You will find the ultimate Facebook badges list split into two parts: Facebook group badges list and Page badges list.

Wandering what are Facebook badges?

In general, a badge is some sort of an emblem on someone’s profile that acknowledges his/her achievements or status. A digital badge like Facebook Top Fan Badge is displayed, accessed, and verified online.

The major goal behind badges on Facebook is to boost engagement and recognize active group members, newly joined members, and users who add value providing timely and relevant information to the group.

Now as you know what a Facebook badge is and why it is introduced, you might wonder how many of them are on Facebook, right?

According to the Facebook community post there are 10 Facebook Group badges. 

  1. Admin and Moderator badge
  2. New Member
  3. Group Anniversary
  4. Conversation Starter
  5. Founding Member
  6. Conversation Booster
  7. Visual Storyteller
  8. Greeter
  9. Link Curator
  10. Rising Star

Note, only groups with 50+ members can give Facebook badges. 

You might be thinking if there are badges other than the Group badges. The answer is yes, the Facebook Top Fan Badge is one of the 5 Facebook Page badges we know. 

The Facebook Page badges we will be looking today are:

  1. Top Fan
  2. Valued Commenter
  3. Anniversary Follower
  4. Milestone Follower
  5. Follower

Now, let’s start with the first one – Facebook Group Badges list.

Facebook Badges For Groups: By Time

Facebook New Member Badge is for users who joined the group within the last two weeks. Once a new member joins the group admins create a welcome post to encourage newcomers to chat. The badge helps existing group members to recognize new members, comment on their posts, and encourage them to take part in group discussions.

Facebook Rising Star Badge acknowledges new group members in their first months of joining the group community. This is typically, a keen and active member whose posts receive most reactions, likes, and comments. 

Simply put, join the group that interests you and start making meaningful comments and posts in your first month. If your posts are good at generating engagement you might be close to getting a Rising Star Badge.

Facebook Founding Member Badge is for the group’s “first settlers” so to speak. That said, if you happen to be a group member long enough but your only engagement is a few posts here and there with no invites within the first 3 days since the group creation, you won’t pass for a founding member. 

Group Anniversary Badge celebrates each member of the group. Or its anniversary, to be exact. “This Facebook badge will appear on the anniversary of the day a member joined your group.”, says Facebook. 

Facebook Badges For Groups: By Effort

Greeter Badge is one of the many Facebook badges given to those group members who often respond to posts and comments from new members. Greeters help new members adapt to community guidelines and culture. Think of them as the bridge between the founding members and newly joined Facebook users. 

Note, this Facebook badge is only for members who joined in the newly created groups in the first 3 days and helped to grow the group.

Conversation Starter Badge Facebook awards both old and new members who know how to pitch their ideas to encourage others to share thoughts.

How do you become a conversation starter on Facebook? Look at your most recent posts on Facebook. Do people often share, comment on, and like your posts? Group admin(s) give Facebook badges for an excellent job of keeping the group members engaged in last 30 days. 

Conversation Booster Badge is often confused with the Starter badge since both badges are for active group members, and similar in meaning. In fact, Facebook Booster Badge recognizes people who may not generate the most likes and engagement, but make others comment on their posts. 

Have you seen anything “fill-in-blank”, controversial, or shocking/surprising that cried for a reply in the past week? That’s the kind of posts, comments, and profiles that deserve the Booster badge.

Facebook Group Admin Badge along with Facebook Moderator Badge are the badges for admins and moderators of groups. Group admins can change the group settings, add and remove moderators, approve and deny membership requests, posts, remove posts, comments, block members. 

Moderators are helping to manage the group, engage members, detect fraudsters and trolls. The only difference is that mods can’t remove fellow mods or change the group settings.

Facebook Badges For Groups: By Talent

Link Curator Badge recognizes group members with the most interesting and engaging posts from outside Facebook. Such posts typically contain external links to other resources from forums, blogs, and other social networks. 

If interesting, group members will react with likes, emojis, and comments which encourages other members to engage in conversations, and keeps the group active. Isn’t that the kind of work the mods should praise proactive members for?

Visual Storyteller Facebook Badge is the one out of many Facebook badges recognizing talented members who upload visual content to boost engagement and group activity. Those profiles will have a Facebook visual storyteller icon. That content typically is a picture, gify, or a video that other members find attractive or meaningful. Those are often the most engaging posts. 

Eager to see who’s got an anniversary badge in the popular Facebook group you’ve joined recently? Hold on and look at what Facebook says about the group badges:

“We understand that these badges may not be the best fit for your group so we’re giving admins control over which badges are available to group members. You can disable badges for all eligible members by visiting Settings in Admin Tools & Insights, and selecting Group Badges.”

While most admins look for ways to keep members engaged, it may happen that members are awarded some badges, but not others. Simply because the admins decided not to. 

Good or bad let’s leave admins decide and move to Facebook Page badges, mentioned earlier in this post. 

Facebook Badges for Pages: Top Fan v Valued Commenter

We said about the Top Fan badge on Facebook, but how to get it, and why should you care? If you are a business with a Facebook Page knowing when the badges are given and what for, may help improve your understanding of potential customers and their needs. Facebook badge for a Page and Facebook profile badge is one thing.

Facebook Top Fan badge is one of many Facebook badges that comes to mind when thinking of badges. It was often confused with the Valued Commenter Badge Facebook since either of them require followers engagement. The only difference is that a Top Fan badge is for all sorts of Page contributions such as shares, comments, likes, even watched videos, and sent messages. 

Top Fans are updated weekly, however they still appear on your past interactions with the Page. Wondering who are the top fans of your Page? Find all Top Fans of the page under the Community tab of the Page.

Note, Top Fan badges may not be available for Pages of pharmaceutical companies. Also, Page admin decides who deserves a Top Fan badge and who doesn’t by manually removing the badges from some followers, or switching off the badges for everyone on their Page. 

So, you may easily lose your Top Fan status.

Valued Commenter badge , just like the Top Fan, will appear right next to your name on the screen. For those who love commenting on Facebook posts, it’s not hard to become a “Valued Commenter”. 

With the hype of the Top Fan badge it is not clear what the requirements for a Valued Commenter badge are except for keep suggesting, sharing thoughts, and reacting to the posts on the Pages you follow. And the title would follow. 

Facebook Badges for Pages: Anniversary Follower v Milestone Follower

Follower Badge is pretty much explanatory itself. If you are a follower of a Page who frequently watches, reacts, and in any way supports the content on this Facebook Page, your Follower badge can be on its way. Although not common, you still can have several badges on your profile or have multiple Follower, or Top Follower badges from different Pages.

The Anniversary Follower badge is introduced soon after the huge success of the Top Fan badge. It lets people know how long a certain follower has been with the Page. Appearing just where the Top Fan badge would, the Anniversary Follower badge has a number of years a person has followed a particular Page on its left. 

No confusion. Although the Anniversary Follower badge is quite similar to the Milestone Follower, it only marks the years you’ve remained a follower of a certain Facebook Page.

Milestone Follower badge is a new level of interaction between the Page mods and its followers. The most loyal and active Page followers who have reached a certain milestone and serve as an example for others get this badge on Facebook.. 

This encouragement of active discussions has a greater impact on businesses. Enabling various Facebook badges you know who’ve been following your Page long enough to deserve a voucher, or encouraging words.

How Do I See My Facebook Badges?

Once you are awarded any of Facebook badges(say, a Top Fan status), you will get notified and should click Display Top Fan Badge for it to appear on your profile.

Group badges appear on your group posts and comments, and your profile. However, you can always turn off some badges while keeping others from your dashboard. 

If you have several badges from the same group you can choose which one will appear next to your name. Profile viewers still can see the badges (unless you turned them off) by tapping on the “+1”, “+2”, or whatever number of badges you have.

Here is how you can turn off Top Fan, or any Facebook badges you have.  

To Wrap It All

Because of their success, Facebook Badges are sure to stay for months and years. Be it a group or a Page, badges allow more communication between the group members or Page followers and the admins. 

Acknowledging member’s contributions to group discussions, recognizing Page leaders, and most loyal and active fans is a way to better understand new fans. And since Facebook’s primary goal is to keep users engaged, it keeps developing new features and badges so that admins and moderators keep Pages and groups alive and well.

Did we miss a Facebook badge? Comment down below, we’d love to add a couple of new badges to our complete list of 10 Facebook badges you may want to know. 

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