Facebook Jail, What It Is, and How To Avoid

Facebook jail is a relatively new program put forth by Facebook. And it works much like the real prison.

Learning about Facebook jail applies to every influencer and entrepreneur. Well, not just learning but also, how to stay away from it. 

Many blogs on the internet explain this very point one or the other way. And we will try to cover what Facebook jail is, and what are some of the common things that take you there. 

Plus, I will provide some tips, which if and when applied will keep you away from the Facebook Jail. In case if you already in, perhaps they can take you out as well. 

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What is Facebook Jail? 

Facebook Jail

Facebook jail can only happen when you break Terms and Conditions so recklessly without even reading you signed. I will go over that more in detail later in the post. But to get an idea of what it is and why does it matter, consider the following idea.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world right now. It does have a lot of bots and hosts so many shady accounts and activities. 

To prevent real users from falling prey to those fishy schemes, Facebook implemented this jail system to look for and find those suspicious accounts. It does not necessarily look for accounts but more like activities.  

Because apart from normal users, there are a whole bunch of businesses registered on Facebook. Also, if you are an entrepreneur and wondering whether you want to focus more on Facebook vs Instagram. Check out this site for more interesting content on social media.

If your accounts are traced for those activities recognized as suspicious by the Facebook police, your account will be in one of two types of jails. 

  1. The first type is when you are in a Facebook prison for like forever. 
  1. The other is when you are in prison for a certain period of time. 

In the second case, the period can be from a few hours up to 21 days in jail. Meaning that you will not be able to control your account. 

How to tell if you’re in Facebook jail 

Now let us talk a little bit about what are some of the things you could do will send you to to fb jail for: 

  • Posting the same info too many times and too fast. It is kind of obvious that you cannot keep posting the same thing as if you were a rabbit in a dazed haze labyrinth running from one side to another. 

In fact, doing anything too much can result in imprisonment, such as even tagging way too many times and people. 

  • The best advice one could ever get is to never tag anyone you do not know in person. This is something that is frankly instructive, and clear enough for everyone to understand. Yet some people seem to still do that. 

If you have a group photo, it does not mean you have to tag everyone in the picture. Tagging only a few of your besties or the ones you are in close contact with is just about enough. Plus, if you tag, people you don’t know, they might not like it. 

  • You will also be sent to Facebook jail if you are joining too many groups and posting there constantly, which means spamming.

It is highly encouraging that you don’t spam. Because who would want someone spamming their group or page and disturbing the peace in their territory. 

  • As a matter of fact, any acts of spammy behavior is flagged as suspicious and is supervised. Once found guilty of such activities, you are immediately sent to a Facebook prison. 

To avoid Facebook jail, the best advice is to withdraw all spammy behavior and activities altogether. 

Before we go any further, there is an interesting fact to get your head back into the information flow. It is that Facebook Jail as a word has been added to the Urban dictionary as an official word.

How To Get Out of Facebook jail

Getting out of The Facebook Prison

There is no way to get out of the Facebook jail once you are in there, It is not like you could hack your way out of this virtual jail. However, there is one thing you could do have a tiny bit of chance that they will let you out. 

You can appeal by contacting the help center. It is very easy to apply for the appellation, but it is not easy to win the case especially if you really have acted like a bot or in a spammy behavior. 

It is also a good idea to admit to your wrongdoing if you already noticed that you have done something wrong. That could be a good tactic to win the case by promising you won’t ever do that again. 

But also, be careful to not admit to behavior that leads to law enforcement’s involvement like in the cases of some people that we will discuss in the upcoming paragraphs. 

So you go and open up the Facebook help page,  explain the situation and if necessary, promise you won’t do that again, just as you did in your childhood. 

Then you just wait for the answer from the controllers of your virtual destiny.

Facebook Prison vs Real Prison.

Facebook Prison vs the real prison

There are the people who faced serious consequences of their allegedly frivolous activities. Because many argue that free speech is something of the past on Facebook. 

It is one thing to be put into Facebook jail. It is an absolutely different deal to be put into a real prison because you posted something on Facebook. 

This phenomenon is more common than you think,  as it is not only against Facebook policies but against normal law practices to intend to kill someone or to spread hateful speeches regardless of the medium you use. 

This 19-year-old young man (Justin Carter if you want to google) had posted that he was going to “shoot the whole kindergarten and watch the blood of innocent rain down”. That is a hell of a thing to say in your teens. 

He obviously later claimed it was a sarcastic quip, which the authorities denied and put him in jail for  5 months. He should have had heed before posting something like that on the internet. 

Another example of such a case is; when another young man who is also 19 made as gross of a comment as the one above. Mathew Woods wrote something racist: only stating a part of what he wrote, “who in their right mind would abduct a ginger kid?”

So, to help you stay out of Facebook jail and the real prison altogether, I have created a list of things you should never do on Facebook:

  • Post, or comment on any nudity or sexual content
  • Hate speech; threats or intends of attack
  • No impersonating anyone or any celebrity 
  • Surely no spam
  • And of course racist crap

In Conclusion 

Pay close attention to the list and never do them if you want to lead a quiet life without any complications.  

They will not only keep you out of trouble, thus Facebook jail, but a real one as well. 

So, now, you know what Facebook jail is and how to avoid it. 

Although it might seem like a tiny of your liberal self is hurting because all rules and regulations might seem like a limitation on your free speech. 

They are a useful construct of civilized society and the foundation of a successful one. 

By following those rules you yourself agreed without even looking, you will stay out of Facebook jail and otherworldly troubles.

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