How To Become a Top Fan On Facebook

How to become a Top Fan on Facebook? And what is a Top Fan and probably why you should consider Facebook Top Fan status? 

Having a Top Fan badge on Facebook is essential if you want to show off how much time you spend on a certain Page or know about a particular topic.

However, if you are the owner of the Page this is way more important than what you find on the internet. 

Learning how to become a Top Fan on Facebook applies to all those cyber-active people with a burning desire to have that badge near the names. 

This also relates to the business owners or influencers who want to award the loyalty of their fans with something intangible.

In this post, we will explain how to become a Top Fan on Facebook, what is a Top Fan on Facebook, and how to turn on Top Fan badge. 

What Is a Top Fan

If you have googled how to become a Top Fan on Facebook you probably meant the badge that appears beside the name of the profile in general. 

However, there are many types of badges that can be given on Facebook. We will discuss this in full detail on our Facebook Badges article but for now, let’s get into the types of badges that can be given to Page followers. They are only five. Among them the Facebook Top Fan status. 

What does Top Fan mean on Facebook? It means you spend more time than any other person who follows that Page. But it doesn’t just mean you dedicate more time and that is it. It also gives you credibility when you comment, like, or share a post on that Page. 

Some Pages allow followers and visitors to post while most of the Pages don’t. So, you might not, per se, be able to post things on the Page. But your engagement will still be highly regarded. 

So, if you are the Page owner and wondering what can you do to enable that feature, follow these:

  1. Go to Page settings.
  2. Go to Facebook Badges.
  3. Move the button to the left to turn it on.

Note, that you won’t be able to turn it on if you don’t have more than 10k followers. But, since Facebook changes things a lot and often, the requirement of 10k followers might change in the future. If, and when it does, you have been warned 😉 it won’t be our fault.

Benefits of Becoming a Top Fan

There aren’t real benefits, per se, of becoming a Top Fan on Facebook, or learning how to become a Top Fan on Facebook. But you will get that sweet Facebook credibility and a badge to show off not only to your friends but to the rest of the Page members.  

But friends might not like it as much as you would assume. Because to become a Top Fan on Facebook, you will have to share a lot of the posts on that particular Page. And my friends didn’t like it, I guess, for I have got very few left now 😂.  Who needs friends when you can have that badge, hey. 

In all seriousness, there really is no actual benefit of being a Top Fan on Facebook. 

Except of course the above mentioned, plus, you will be more credible in a particular topic or niche where you are the Top Fan Facebook. 

If it is a strict niche category like believing in aliens, or life after death, or any other one of those topics on the edge. 

Other people who are near new to that Page, or the atmosphere, will value your opinions.  And it is rare to have people value your opinion not only on the internet but in real life as well. 

So, knowing how to become a Top Fan on Facebook could be the gate between you and the group notoriety you want. 

Although, there are some real benefits if you are the Page owner. 

My Top Fans Facebook

You know how to enable my TopFans Facebook, as we won’t go into that here. So, let us jump right into the benefits of having my TopFans Facebook enabled.

First and foremost, it helps you increase engagement by a lot, like a lot, a lot. Because we identified already, TopFans on Facebook are those who are the most active people on a given Page. 

Just by being on your Page, they are driving the engagement since they like, comment, share your materials. 

Surely, you need to make sure to have the best quality posts, so that they won’t lose friends as I did😉. But that is another topic. 

Moreover, a Top Fan badge helps you connect with your audience better.  Although there can be only a few Top Fans. Those few can be the bridge between you and the rest of your audience. 

Thus, knowing how to manage Top Fans on Facebook is as important as knowing how to become a Top Fan on Facebook if not more.

Improved communication is another one of the benefits of having Top Fans enabled on your Page. By selecting a few people as your Top Fans, you are communicating not just with them on a personal level. 

But also sending a message that you care about your audience and want to be closer to them. (whether this is true or not 😂).

All these, add up to having more influence on your cybersphere. It is almost like having a religion with devout followers. 

How To Manage Top Fan on Facebook Page

Once you know how to become a Top Fan on Facebook and the benefits thereof, it’s time to learn ways to manage Top Fans on Facebook.

This is, in fact, an easy endeavor. It’s like managing school kids. You just need to keep good contact with them and keep encouraging them. 

In terms of logistics, there is nothing to worry about. Facebook itself determines who gets the badges when they are eligible. You will have the opportunity to remove the badge if they misbehave or spam out your Page. 

The circumstances when Facebook Top Fan badge owners took advantage of their position and spammed out all kinds of links happened more than once. This is why how to become a Top Fan on Facebook has become such a hot topic lately.  

To keep your Page free from all the misbehaving of the Top Fans. Take some time from your personal inventory to keep an eye out for them. After all, it is your Page, not theirs.

You know how to give Facebook badges now, so let us discuss how to get Facebook badges. As a business, you won’t have to per se get badges, but not everyone who lands on this post is someone with a Page or a Page with more than 10k followers. 

How To Get Facebook Badges 

Now let us get to the real part where you will learn how to become a Top Fan on Facebook and get that badge. 

So, how do you become a Top Fan on Facebook? Top Fan badge on Facebook can be easily acquired as long as you are very active and proactive within the Page. 

But how much active can you be, determines the Facebook algorithm to choose you as the badge owner rather than others.

Being proactive though doesn’t mean you just have to like, comment, and stay behind the surface.  It means you post, share, and dedicate quite a bit of your time to promoting the Page, its content, and ideology. 

However, you need to be careful of two things: First, not to spam it out like a bot. Second, be mindful of how you share, especially if your environment includes people who think not the same way as you do. 

Remember, violating the Facebook Policies in any way, you may end up in Facebook Jail. Never thought it exists? Go over this post about Facebook Jail, What It Is, and How To Avoid it.

In Closing 

At the end of the piece where we talked about not only how to become a Top Fan on Facebook, but also what is a Top Fan on Facebook, Facebook Top Fan status, in general everything shortly about Top Fan Facebook stuff. 

Now that you know all that and how do you become a Top Fan on Facebook, it is time you take action and start working towards that gratifying Internet approval. 

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