How To Become an Influencer on LinkedIn

What is a LinkedIn influencer and why should you become one, and how you can become an influencer on LinkedIn?

Understanding how to become a LinkedIn influencer is vital. Because this is by far the most credible platform among all the other social media platforms.  

Becoming an influencer on LinkedIn works essentially the same way as it would on other social media platforms. 

But with few big advantages which is why it is harder since you have to be literally chosen by the LinkedIn administration as one. 

Thus, becoming a LinkedIn influencer is the best way to move your business forward. Although it may take a long time to officially become a LinkedIn influencer. Having a great number of following is the groundwork you should build an influencer-ship on. 

What are LinkedIn influencers then?

LinkedIn influencers are usually thought leaders in a given area. That means your average self-declared youtube guru would probably not make it to become a LinkedIn influencer. 

In the upcoming chapters, we will talk about: how you can become an influencer on LinkedIn. Why you should consider it to grow your business. And shortly on how to find influencers on LinkedIn. 

In fact, becoming an influencer on LinkedIn should not be just considered to grow a business. Because this will give much more advantages along the way than just that. 

Make your profile stand out 

how to become an influencer on linkedin

To become an influencer on LinkedIn -one of the foremost important things is to make your profile stand out from the rest of the people. 

How do you achieve that? 

Top list of Linkedin influencers would say by: 

Creating a creative yet expressive cover picture. Plus one heck of a good bio and the summary are just must-s of LinkedIn housekeeping rules. Plus the headlines should tell the visitor who you are and what you do as directly as possible.

The cover picture should either show what you do in short and give visual information of that or be something that is creative and pleasing to the eyes of the visitor. Don’t forget, we live in a world driven by visual data consumption. 

The bio should do the same with words. Those can’t be randomly picked words, try to include keywords to better show up in search results.  This is what top linkedin Influeners do. 

But something that simply defines what you do. When I first read a tip on this and organized it accordingly. I started to show up on people’s search results. 

Even though I wasn’t looking for work. Because my bio was optimized, it showed it to the people who were looking for it. In my case, it was a copywriter with a certain location. 

The summary is when you can go deeper into what you have written in the bio. It is not to compose a whole essay on your life though. It is about you in short. 

Why is making your profile stand out matter to become an influencer on LinkedIn? 

Because a LinkedIn profile is not complete without a properly organized profile. However, that is just the bare minimum of what you should have. 

In the next chapters, we will get some practical tips on what you should do. How you can become an influencer on LinkedIn.

Identify your goals/focus

Identifying your goals is also one of the most important stages of becoming an influencer on LinkedIn but also across all other platforms. Top influencers on linkedin all believe in the idea that: 

It is particularly important here because, as we mentioned you cannot just become an influencer on LinkedIn because people follow you. 

You need to have a Premium account and on top of that be invited by a Linkedin influencer program. 

Identifying your goals becomes crucial because there are 4 types of premium accounts on LinkedIn. 

As the categories suggest each one is meant for a specific task. For instance, sales help you find more leads and opportunities to sell while hiring helps you find better candidates easier. 

Thus, when you know your goals and what you plan to do, you can choose the plan accordingly. However, on the topic of becoming an influencer on LinkedIn. You should want to choose the business plan which is $59.99 per month. 

The package comes with advantages and benefits if you want to become an influencer on LinkedIn. 

If the lack of consistency is the biggest mistake on IG. The biggest mistake on LinkedIn would be to start on the journey of becoming an influencer without set goals and purposes. 

LinkedIn makes it harder actually to start and give up. 

Because you have to pay for premium and once people pay for something they start to take stuff more seriously. 


Once you identify, you also need to focus and work hard on expanding your influence. Just like it is a carnal sin to be inconsistent on IG, it is as bad on LinkedIn as well. Aslo, the LinkedIn influencer program requires consistency more than anything. 

LinkedIn makes it easier though as you don’t have to create content all the time. Yb ou will have the option of curating it as long as it will provide value to your followers and fit in within the tone of your voice. 

Things to take away from this paragraph. 

  • Identify your goals 
  • Choose a plan accordingly
  • Create and Curate content consistently 
  • Stand for something and always share your voice

Of course, we haven’t been able to touch on each and every point in the list more in detail. For that reason, you can read how to use LinkedIn for Business where we went deeper.

Now let us get back to the topic on how to become an influencer on LinkedIn and discuss one of the most important ideologies in the next chapter.

The ideology we’ll discuss is one of the most misunderstood yet something that every single influencer needs to grasp regardless of the platform they intend to influence. 

Give — Do not take  to become an influencer on LinkedIn

Become influencer on LinkedIn

Many wanna-be influencers or in some cases even influencers first give you free ebooks or webinars and promise you to give something. 

In reality, once they get hold of your email or details they spam you with emails and try their best to get business out of you. This is a situation that must have happened with anyone. 

LinkedIn influencers are not like that because that diminishes trust and credibility. Most LinkedIn influencers usually have a business on the side to make a living off of. 

However, because the platform has a higher rate of CTR and follow-through because the users are said to be more serious people. If you want to make a business that is the platform to do it. One needs to approach it from the right angle. 

Other examples of giving and not taking could be you providing some real value for nothing in return. You shouldn’t be asking for shares, comments or subs, because that in and of itself is also asking for something in return.  

You can only incentivize them to follow you by stating that more value will come out of this. That can be achieved when you give them exactly what they needed, and inform them that there is going to be more of the same content as valuable as the current one they are reading.  

The biggest takeaway from this is that you should never promise to provide something good and get the email to only spam it with a bunch of crap, also find influencers on LinkedIn and learn from them.

Create and curate content on a massive scale

Consistency across all social media platforms is a praised behavior. So it is on LinkedIn. But LinkedIn users also like it when a massive amount of scarce content comes up on their feed. That is considering they are of good quality. 

In general, LinkedIn is believed to have better quality content compared to IG or Facebook. This could be its business-centric positioning. Or the seriousness of the users on the platforms.

A few tips to make that kind of content that LinkedIn craves: As per top LinkedIn influencers

  • Media-rich
  • Niched
  • Trustworthy 

Media-rich content is in high demand everywhere. So this shouldn’t be a surprise that you need to do the same on LinkedIn to become an influencer.  Niche content is also somewhat clear. To remind you what it was. It basically means content meant for a specific audience. 

However, the last point is a bit different than what you would see on other social media platforms. 

You might’ve heard or read about being authentic or yourself on other platforms. The same is true for linked except it’s interpreted a bit differently because on top of being authentic. You need to be credible. 

Whether you are creating content or curating one from someone else, make sure to share something that can be used as a fact. It should come from someone of proven experience or expertise on that given topic. 

So, what we learned is that consistency is the key to becoming an influencer on LinkedIn and by creating media-rich content and targeting a specific audience with trustworthy and valuable content you can become an influencer on LinkedIn easier. 

Be ever-present and everywhere to become a Linkedin in influencer

Although LinkedIn is a self-sufficient platform, to become an influencer on LinkedIn it is better you are one in other social media platforms too.  

You can’t necessarily become a successful influencer everywhere at once. But to be a successful one on LinkedIn at least the presence is necessary. 

A large part of the young generation is now on TikTok.  That means being on Tiktok creates a path to reach those youth. However, if you are a LinkedIn influencer it is not necessary for you to be on TikTok. But you can decide where to be more present and active depending on the platform’s reach. 

For example, Facebook has most of the Millenials and it is still great for business. That means LinkedIn and Facebook correlate well and work well together. 

And YouTube which basically the God of visual content consumption, works well with any other social media platform. 

Once you identified your goals and set a stable foundation of creating and curating quality content that followers like. You can start to branch out. 

However, you should always keep in mind that you want to become an influencer on LinkedIn. Thus, you should bring people over from other social media platforms to LinkedIn. 

Thus, create separate content on those platforms as well. It doesn’t have to be all-new material but it should fit in properly. Again, if it’s YouTube. You can’t be anything but the videos. 

Now what we learn here is that we should be at least present across all other social media platforms and create separate and proper content o those, and try to bring them to LinkedIn for this is where we intend to become an influencer.  

Don’t declare yourself a guru to become a Linkedin influencer

be humble to become an influencer on linkedin

In this article by LinkedIn itself, the author Micheal talks about 6 things you shouldn’t call yourself on LinkedIn. However, there is one important one missing from the list. 

That is calling yourself a guru. This mistake applies everywhere and across all other social media platforms.

Calling yourself a guru means you are probably not quite an expert on what you claim to be a guru at. Because if you have to declare it, that probably means no one else has ever said that about you. 

Thus, instead of raising credibility, it will do the opposite. Yet despite the obvious ironic truth, we see many people call themselves the Guru of this and that. While it could get a few followers or even a few hundred. 

Becoming an influencer on LinkedIn is fundamentally based on the fact that those influencers are true leaders of their perspective fields.  And if you happen to be one. They notice you, you will be notified of that to become an influencer on LinkedIn. So, there is actually no need to call yourself a Guru when you are really one. 

But there are those who say “fake it till you make it” right?. Yet, that saying doesn’t really belong on LinkedIn. Because you need to prove it not just to the platform but also to every single of the followers you have on the platform. 

So, what we learned in this chapter is that calling yourself a guru before you are one is a terrible mistake and should be avoided. 

How to find influencers on LinkedIn 

If for some reasons you need to find the list of linkedin influencers, or top linkedin influencers. Say for business purposes. Let us just cover that side of the linkedin influencers article. 

Finding top influencers on linkedin can be accomplished with just  a google search. 

What if you come across a profile that you are not sure whether is part of an influencer program or not. 

How do you find out? 

It is very simple, all you need to do is to look at the linkedin icon next to their names. 

If you want to find the best influencers for your business. Among the influencers to follow on Linkedin you need to find the ones that provide you the best value. 

In Conclusion 

The articles and the posts on growing your business on LinkedIn are as many as are the influencers on the platform if not even more than that. 

While so many of the points made here coincide with those others online. If you are looking to become an influencer on LinkedIn because you want to grow your business.  

Remember the five tips to not only become one but to remain one

  • Stay focused
  • Give, don’t take
  • Create the content on a massive scale 
  • Be ever-present 
  • Don’t self-declare yourself a guru 

Check out the how to use LinkedIn guide if you still have some doubts about your ability to freely navigate around, on the platform.  And the influencer marketing category for more on this very topic. 

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