How To Download Twitch Videos [Clips, Highlights, VODs]

Over recent years Twitch has evolved from a game streaming platform into a massive live broadcast with a wide reach and pockets of money influencers make. Streams feature talk shows, sports (including hugely popular esports), travel and outdoors, special events, and even food and drinks (who would’ve thought?). Because of their wide appeal, you may wonder how to download Twitch videos?

How to download Twitch clips, highlights, VODs

While gaming still makes up the majority of Twitch content, there are music performances (fun Twitch Sings is one of them), cooking classes, arts and crafts tutorials, and real-life streams like videos in Just Chatting category. 

As a viewer, sometimes you may find a particular video interesting enough to download and store on your PC, mobile, or cloud. And as a streamer, you may want to save your Twitch VODs before they get expired and automatically deleted from Twitch servers.

But how to download Twitch videos fast and secure? 

Before moving on to the “how” part listing the top 3 video downloaders, let’s quickly brush up on what are the different types of Twitch videos that can be downloaded and stored elsewhere off Twitch. 

Twitch VOD, aka Video On Demand, is an archived video content once streamed live. 

As the platform highlights, there are three types of VODs: past broadcasts, highlights, uploads.

  • Past Broadcasts

They are automatically created from live streams. In other words, any live broadcast shows up in the Past Broadcast category as soon as it is finished. All Twitch broadcasts are saved temporarily.

How long Twitch videos are saved on Twitch
  • Highlights 

It can be created by a streamer from the past broadcast. Highlights basically are the video segments or clips from the past live streams, which are saved forever on your Twitch channel, unlike past broadcasts. 

  • Uploads 

Uploads are external videos that are added to Twitch using the Video Uploads API or the Video Manager. 

It seems that uploads do not have an expiry date and are stored within the platform for long if not forever.

If your goal is to save past broadcasts from being deleted, apart from turning a past broadcast into several highlights, you can also upload it directly to YouTube without downloading them locally first, through the Export option. So, don’t forget to connect your YouTube channel if you happen to have one.

Now, let’s get down to business. How to download Twitch videos?

Method 1: Install 4K Video Downloader or Twitch Leecher

Install 4K Video Downloader or Twitch Leecher on your computer

Both Twitch Leecher and 4K Video Downloader are time-tested downloaders used by millions around the world. The difference is though that 4K Video Downloader has a much bigger audience and application not limited by Twitch VODs and clips. Twitch Leecher is a Twitch specific free program available on the official Twitch Leecher page on GitHub.

Twitch Leecher Pros and Cons

Twitch Leecher ProsTwitch Leecher Cons
1. Intuitive and eye-pleasing GUI (graphical user interface)1. Limited to Windows
If you are a Mac or Linux user it probably won’t work for you.
2. Download speed is faster than average
Reportedly up to 20 faster than the average speed when downloaded with FFMPEG. This, however, depends on the original file size and internet speed.
2. Requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher
3. Multifunctional search
Your past Twitch VODs (broadcasts and highlights) can be searched easily within the app. You can also search channels, VOD URLs, and IDs.
3. Downloads one video at a time
Multiple downloads are added to the queue and take place as soon as the first video is fully downloaded.
4. Free and open for Twitch streamers and their followers4. No clear time limit for a download
Because Twitch Leecher first downloads the video in chunks to speed up the download and later merges them into a whole video, no download time is specified. 
5. Built-in download manager
Download manager highlights the progress of each download started and provides the options to cancel downloads or view the log.
5. The downloads cannot be paused, but only canceled.
6. Subscriber-only videos can be downloaded

How to Download Twitch Videos with Twitch Leecher?

  1. Install Twitch Leecher on your PC
  2. Open the software through an icon, or from the Start Menu
  3. Click on the Search button in the menu
  4. Choose between Channel and URL (leave IDs for tech geeks as they are a bit more complex and less used for usual downloads).                            Knowing the channel’s name you can click on the Channel option, type in a channel’s name, and indicate the type of a video you are looking for; and then pick a video from the opening list. Otherwise, head to the video you want to download, right-click on it, and select Copy link address in Chrome browser(Copy link location in Firefox).
  5. Click on the URL button in the Search menu and paste a link there.
  6. Make the necessary changes to the video’s quality and click on the Download button.

4K Video Downloader Pros and Cons  

4k Video Downloader Review
4K Video Downloader Pros4K Video Downloader Cons
1. High-quality downloads and multiple formats
HD 1080p, HD 720p, 4K, and 8K resolution. It supports all popular video and audio formats plus 3D and 360-degree videos.
1. No mobile version

2. Cross-platform usage
Works for  Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS 10.14 macOS 10.13, Ubuntu Linux.
2. Occasional technical errors
3. All-in-one video downloader
Want to download a YouTube video, a movie, a piece of favorite music, or a Twitch broadcast – all is possible with a single tool, 4K Video downloader.
3. Downloads are limited up to 25 videos/day on a free plan.
4. Smart Mode
You can preset the quality of downloads, the format, subtitles, and path with the Smart Mode.
5. Bulk downloads and automatic downloads
When subscribing to a YouTube channel, for example, you may enable automatic downloads so that when a new video is released it will be automatically downloaded to a computer.
6. Supports multiple languages
7. Open access to downloads for free

How to Download a Video with 4K Video Downloader?

  1. Download and install the 4K Video Downloader from the provider.
  2. As soon as the installation is done, launch the software.
  3. Copy the URL address of a Twitch video by opening that video and copying the link appearing in the browser, or right-clicking on the video and selecting Copy the link option, as was explained above.
  4. Paste the URL link into the app by tapping on Paste Link icon
  5. Choose the quality of a download (from 240p to 1080p) and hit the Download button.

Method 2: Use KeepVid or Untwitch to Download Twitch Videos Online

Use online video downloader KeepVid or UnTwitch

If you don’t want to install any third-party apps on your PC, or your computer simply does not support the software requirements for those, either KeepVid or Untwitch is the best choice for downloading Twitch videos. Both apps operate fast and completely online, eliminating the need for program setup. No registration and free access maximize user’s enjoyment. Using either of them you may download Twitch videos hassle-free.

But how KeepVid and Untwitch differ from one another if they do?

KeepVid Pros and Cons

Download Twitch videos with KeepVid
KeepVid ProsKeepVid Cons
1. No installation and no risk of being hacked
The primary benefit of any online tool is its install-free service. After all, not every piece of software is malware protected, right?
1. Occasional technical errors and low speed
As any online tool, hundreds of thousands of simultaneous download requests may slow the service, taking longer to download full-length broadcasts.

355 supported websites
Whether it’s Twitch highlights, Facebook videos, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, it does not matter. KeepVid helps you download videos online from any of these. Check out the full list of supported websites here.
2. No channel search 
Unlike the Twitch Leecher options, Twitch clips and highlights can only be downloaded by pasting the URL link into the tool.
Video conversion options
You may convert any video into various MP4 or MP3 formats in case you need it.
3. No mobile app is available.
Easy to use
No matter your technical skills, you can easily download the videos you like from anywhere online. Just copy-paste the link.
4. Some videos are not available for downloads.
* MP3 files, and occasionally MP4 files, (usually files longer than 30 minutes in length) may be prevented from downloading.
The app requires no location or other permission.
More flexibility with KeepVid Pro
It can be used to merge audio and video files and download subtitles.
KeepVid Pro can record videos
In case a video cannot be downloaded, it can be recorded. However, KeepVid Pro is a paid version that costs $29 for a 1-year license or $39 for a lifetime license.

* When a video is not available in the chosen download format you can see this notification.

KeepVid does not allow videos longer than 30 mins

How To Download a Twitch Broadcast or Highlight with KeepVid?

  1. Open a Twitch video you want to download and copy its URL link.
  2. Go to, click on the Supported category from the menu at the top, press other sites, and pick Twitch from the list (note, there are multiple KeepVid sites with various domain extensions)
  3. Paste a video link into the query box and hit Go.
  4. Select the right video (MP4) or audio (MP3) format and click on the Download button next to it.

Untwitch Pros and Cons

Twitch video downloader
Untwitch ProsUntwitch Cons
1. User-friendly interface
You won’t be overloaded with heavy instructions or multiple buttons. Downloading Twitch videos is intuitive and easy.
No mobile app
Although Untwitch has a web app option that adjusts to the type of a browser you are using, no mobile app has been released so far.
2. Possible to adjust start and end time 
If a video is too long and heavy, it is possible to download it in smaller parts by adjusting the start and end time, and then put all together.
Full dependence on the Internet connection
The slower it is, the more you have to wait.
3. Direct download
No need to install any software on your device.
Manual start and end time adjustment
If a video is long enough, say 8-10 hours and you haven’t indicated the start and end of a video, Untwitch automatically cuts its length at around 1 hour in order not to “overload our servers” as they say.
Video length limitations
The maximum video duration per download is 1 hour. Downloading a video of 6 hours long you will need to repeat downloads 6 times before you finally get it fully.

How to Download Twitch Clips with Untwitch?

  1. Go to a Twitch video and copy its URL link. 
  2. Paste into the link box on Untwitch website and hit the Submit.
  3. Select the desirable format from the drop-down menu (160p-1080p)
  4. Hit Download Video.

Method 3: Download a Few Twitch Clips With No Software

Use Developer Tools to download Twitch videos

This may be somehow tricky if you don’t have any technical knowledge of browser developer tools. But don’t worry, we will walk you through step-by-step so that you can download Twitch videos easily.

Before we dive into the process of downloading, let’s note that the biggest advantage is that no software or a specific program is needed and YouTube videos can also be downloaded the same way. The internet connection needs to be stable though.

Also, be ready to wait; for hours-long streams, it may take quite some time to download. 

So how you do that?

  1. Find the Twitch VOD you want to download (preferably clip since it is shorter). 
  2. Right-click on it and select Open in a new window.
How to download Twitch videos with Developer tools
  1. On a new window page tap F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows and Linux, and Cmd + Opt + I on macOS to open the Developer Tools.
  2. Go to Network and then Media as shown in the screenshot below.
  3. Play a Twitch video if you haven’t yet; a video URL has to appear under the Name bar. Note: if it didn’t and you see nothing under the Media tab (or no mp4 format file), you have to press clear in the Developer Toolbox on the top left corner under the mobile icon, and then reload the page by pressing F5. Then a video must show up.
  4. Double click on the link and it will open it in a new window. 
  5. Right-click on the video and hit Save as. Done! 

Even if you have done it successfully, keep in mind there may be technical issues, linked with different browsers for example when downloading with the Developer Tools. It is suggested that you have some background knowledge of how to use Developer Toolbox on Chrome, Firefox, IE, or simply the browser you use, before putting this method to test.

Here is more on what are browser developer tools and how to use them.

Download Your Twitch VODs

In this blog post, we have covered the 3 most popular ways to download Twitch videos you like to keep with you assuming you are the viewer and follower on Twitch. If you want to download your own live streams there is a basic tip on how to do that. 

Quick Tip: Before you see the Download option for your videos, you have to allow them to be archived in the Past Broadcasts category on your Video Manager.

  1. Log into your Twitch account
  2. Click on the Settings from the drop-down menu (upper-right corner)
  3. As the new window opens up, select Channel&Video. From there you will see your Channel Settings.
  4. Tick off “Automatically archive my broadcasts” option.
  5. Go live; all of your streams will now be saved in the Past Broadcasts as soon as the stream ends.
  6. Go to your Video Manager and pick one of the videos.
  7. Hit the Download button below its title, and check your Downloads folder a couple of minutes later. A video has to be there.

If any of these tips and methods worked for you, shoot us a line. We’d be glad to know what was your experience like with Twitch video downloaders, and how many of them you have tried. 

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