Influencer Outreach: The Secrets Of Irresistible Outreach Email

Influencer outreach is an important aspect of every business, or it can be. 

Ever since the evolution of influencers, many businesses have been biting their nails thinking and looking for ways to get a piece of that pie, to use this opportunity for business. 

If you happen to be a small business or something alike, you are looking for your share too. 

Perhaps, just looking to promote your business with influencer marketing, or just looking for a piece in the pie.  

Either way, these outreach tips will help you land your favorite influencer and get your business the traffic you need. 

How to outreach influencers 

Before all else, it is important for you to understand that reaching out is not as simple as it sounds. 

You should not just jump into writing emails without doing a bit of research and analyzing if the influencer you are reaching is the right fit for you. 

Thus, you need to do more before the actual outreach happens than focusing on outreach strategy.  

This is why we will talk about some of the influencer outreach tips and pointers to get you online. 

📌 Niche 

Niche is a word that has skyrocketed in importance over the last decade. Although it means the same things regardless of the content you use it 

The context itself can change and be different.  However, we mean what we wrote.  

Finding the influencers in your niche can be half the success. Especially if they have good engagement and loyal followers. 

However, what they need to have and have is not what we are discussing now. But what we are is that you need to find someone in the same category of business that you cooperate in. 

It also helps to work with micro-influencers or those with higher engagement rates. Smaller influencers are also more eager to have sponsorships, which gives you more negotiation power. 

You might even be able to negotiate an outreach for free or in exchange for your product. 

📌 Info

If you ever googled “influencer outreach tools”, then this chapter is going to be a must-read. 

You should also read it even if you never google it because you will gain practical knowledge of how you can make your own tools. 

One of the influencer outreach tips is that you won’t hear a lot, so making a list of people or information of the people you intend to reach out to. 

Once you identify the niche, it will be easier to collect information because you will know which category they are located and operate in.

Having something like a spreadsheet with the names, phone numbers, emails greatly mitigates your workflow.

You can also add a notes section or keep a record of how many conversations you had if you had them, and at which point of negotiation or cooperation you guys were. 

It is also possible to make two separate spreadsheets: one for the potentials, one for the contacts, one for accepted, and so on. 

The information you collect should be limited to the things you mentioned. You can include more information if you want. 

But the idea is to keep track of what influencers you are interested in and which ones you have contacted or are willing to contact. 

We, here at GuideMeHow, even schedule the times we are going to contact and write out all the details of future collaboration or the previous conversation. 

It always helps to keep track of how things are going, so keep it. 

📌 Rapport

Even though you are the business which means you will mostly be the client. When it comes to influencer marketing and influencer outreach. 

You need to follow some of these tips if you want to land that very influencer you want. 

  • Build relationships 
  • Support their content and cause
  • Share and comment 

What this in short means is that you need to be building relationships with influencers. Now the question may arise with what kind?

Because you won’t need them all. 

The idea is not to build relationships because you will at some point need them. It is to be closer to the people you will be working with. 

You may never work with some of those. However, the ones you may end up working with will be far more likely to give you a fair price and do their best to really promote your business.

The best way to build a rapport is if you follow them and comment and share their posts. From time to time. Of course, they are big influencers and they are less likely to work even with or even notice you.

But you will still build warmness, which is an important aspect of influencer outreach. 

📌 Try not to pay for it 

When you are just growing every penny is important. Although sponsoring an influencer might seem like a necessary cost. After all, it is sort of an investment.

However, if you can come up with ways to not pay for it. 

You will not only be saving some money from the possible expense but also creating an opportunity to spend it on entirely different things. 

You can do this by sending out products if you sell physical products, or giving them some discounts if you have a membership, or even give them free months. 

How you handle this part is totally up to you, but the idea is that you need to save cash which is very important in the early stages of any business. 

📌 Across all social platforms 

When you are negotiating whether for a product in return or a specific price.  The best practice is to negotiate across all social platforms. 

Because some of the influencers have a meaningful following on almost all platforms. Even if you want to discuss promoting on YouTube. 

And the influencer you outreached happened to have a sizable following on Instagram or Facebook. 

By negotiating for all social media platforms, you are getting better deals with more sources of traffic. 

If you have built a relationship and have been supporting the influencer, they will not mind using all their social media platforms. 

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Don’t go agencies

Let us assume you are a busy man or business with not a lot of time to scourge around to find and do the influencer outreach yourself. 

So, you decide to go get help from one of those agencies that promise growth, traffic, and whatever else you may get from the influencers. 

However, they will not only put a huge markup on the price, but the deal you have will be missing the personal aspect of it. 

The reason we have talked so much about information gathering and building rapport is when you are being promoted by an influencer who also sounds like your friend.

You will have better results than arranged business deals. 

So, if you really care to get results. Don’t go blindly following the influencer outreach template they give you or implement the influencer outreach strategy they prepare. 

Think and act, and when you consider how much like the influencer is to not just promote your product but to like it themselves too. 

Even if you were to do your influencer outreach with a third party in the middle choosing the right one is the key and is at least one of the things that you must do 

Consistent post

Now that you have a certain grasp on how to outreach influencers. You need to understand that you need to be consistent. 

If you are just getting your business off the ground, being consistent is more important than the business you do. 

Just getting the influencer to shout you out or to promote by itself will not drive your business forward. 

When you promote your business through an influencer, their followers might come to you only because you also provide value. 

Thus, they won’t be just doing business with you because someone else recommended you to them. 

This is why it is important to be consistent in your output of content and value. And since you are using the help of an influencer, posting regularly is just part of it. 

We have discussed how to outreach influencers in detail and gave you some advice on what influencer outreach strategy you should use. 

Influencer outreach strategy 

We did not go deep into strategy actually. Because this is something that is specific and must be arranged by the party which is aiming at outreach. 

However, there are some foundations of what you should and should not do.  Let us discuss that now.

When we mean influencer outreach the main thing that involves the outreach is actually an email. Because you may not know any other contact information apart from that. 

For this reason, influencer outreach tips will include an email from one of the top SEO experts Neil Patel. His approach to cold emailing bears good influencer outreach examples, one of which is provided here.

Plus, an influencer outreach template that you can use and form your emails from.

❗ Outreach email template 

Neil Patel shows outreach email example

This email serves us as an outreach email template that we will analyze so that you would understand better. 

As per the author of the graphics. You should start with a clear and direct subject line. 

It could be a question, and ask, or anything else. It just has to be direct and clear. 

However, don’t just stop there, try to personalize it. Because a personalized subject that is directly on a point already tells the reader what this is about before they even read it. 

Start the email with a lighter tone. A lighter tone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to act like you are buddies already because you shared a few of his posts. 

It just means making the email seem like it is not going to be a corporate type of email that will bore him to death. 

Although it is easier to see it from the length, keeping it light will also transfer the mood of the person writing.

In regards to the length of your emails. You should be keeping them short, always.  Don’t write more than 300 words, anything more than that will already bore the reader.

The 300-word rule is something that we ourselves came to understand. Our emails are usually short.

But every now and then we are also writing about the possibility of cooperation from one of the important people. 

We also feel like we need to write a lot. And it is normal to feel that way. 

But it is also important to understand that the person on the other side may not have time to read all that, or perhaps doesn’t need to know all the unnecessary details. 

❗ Identifying the needs or challenges 

The second line of the outreach influencer template reads that you need to identify the challenges. But that can be anything from the problems to the needs they may have.

For example, stating that the reader must receive tons of emails and might be busy could be a good and generic way to relate and identify their challenges. 

The better way is to watch their content or videos, or if you have been supporting you already have a basic idea of what the person is about. 

Addressing what you assume they need is also a great way to sell your email.  For example, it is a YouTuber you want to sponsor, and his aim is to reach a certain number of followers.

You can write to him so that you know he is trying to reach that number of followers, and willing to help him achieve it. 

This will automatically make your email seem as if you are trying to help him, not vice versa.

Mentioning that mutual collaboration may be the thing that gets him what he wants while it may get you what you want. 

At the very least, an email with an offer of help from the start will at least pique his interest and make him more likely to not just read but to reply. 

❗ Asking for permission 

Because the influencer outreach template was from someone else we will discuss his point of view and give you ours. 

Depending on which you like better you can opt to either accept ours or deny. 

According to Neil, you need to ask for permission. And there is a great weight to that argument. 

It is true that asking for permission makes you seem like a better business dealer. And a considerate enough person who cares whether the person will be interested or not. 

However, from our point of view, as we have discussed. If you have been supporting or sharing his content. Let us say, at least caught his or her attention once or twice. 

The influencer will not say no. Even when you have not done what we have asked you to do, and did not build any relationship whatsoever. 

They will at least ask for your link, or business to find who you are and what you care about. 

So, instead of creating an extra step in your collaboration, it is easier to just send it. But to send the right way. 

In the next chapter, this will be all we discuss. 

Influencer Outreach Tips 

Influencer outreach as has been discussed can be done in many ways. 

Although there is a general consensus on what is better to include and what is not, the approach still remains in the hands of the person doing the outreach. 

You know by now that catering some info and building rapport are the preliminary steps to writing the outreach email. 

When it comes to writing the actual email, apart from the strategies you should adapt, doing the following will bear definite results. 

Let us discuss them now.

✅ Personalize 

Although we have slightly touched on this topic, we decided to dedicate a whole new chapter. Because personalizing your influencer outreach email will bring you more than just the collaboration you’re looking for. 

In fact, if you are trying to reach someone who gets a lot of emails, on a daily basis. The chances are, your emails will not even be opened, let alone you achieve cooperation.

Personalizing itself can be anything from just addressing the recipient by name or mentioning something from the previous of his/her posts. 

You even relieve your opinion on issues that you both care about. Of course, you should not flatter, this is probably the worst. 

However, just showing some respect and making that email like it’s been sent to him specifically makes you more friendly. And that is what personalizing is about. 

✅ Compliment 

Complements another aspect of influencer outreach that should be done with perfect balance. 

You cannot over compliment the influencer or make it too short or ambiguous that does sound like something else altogether. 

Previously we said to personalize, and complimenting comes very close to personalizing but it differs in that you need to call out a specific thing they did that inspired you or you approve of. 

In this way, it kind of adds on top of the personalizing aspect of your email.  And as an addition, you should not overdo it. 

The golden ratio is to compliment something that they have done, or do, and only once. 

So, when you are at the beginning of your email, and just introduce yourself, it is great to please to just drop one sentence or one point of which you approve. And that is it. 

✅ The reason for reaching out

You need to always present the reason. 

The obvious understanding is that it’s given when you are doing influencer outreach that you need to tell the reason. 

Despite how obvious it is, it is never useful to keep talking about their accomplishments or videos, and even when you are telling the reason. 

Make it short. 

The shorter and the more to the point, the better.  However, it can’t also be like, a collab with me? 

This just shows that you are not professional enough. 

The golden ratio is to write what your business is about. Shortly! Write what you need. 

Then, connect why you need this very influencer, or write why you both would be perfect. 

If you have built a bit of rapport and relationship and shared and supported his work, you will find a common ground easily. 

That common ground in influencer outreach is usually the main propagator of business. 

✅ How your product or service will benefit them 

Of the important things you should not forget to mention when writing an influencer outreach email is how your product may benefit them. 

It is best to make them a believer to push your product than to hope they will make their followers a believer. 

You should also speak more about the benefits of your product rather than its features. 

Many people make this mistake and write on and on about what the product has and what it can accomplish etc.

It is enough to simply say, how exactly it will make your influencer’s life easier, thus, many others who may come to have this item as a result of his influence could have their lives improved.

When talking about the item don’t try to sell it hard. Your aim is not to sell it but to make it seem like the kind of product he wants to promote and be the kind of person he wants to work with. 

✅ Providing the specific task

Going straight to the point is a necessary step in Influencer outreach. Because, as we mentioned in the previous chapter, you shouldn’t write too much.

Thus, you should get straight to the point. This time, the point should be what exactly are you asking. Is it to share your post? Is it to link your business?  

Explaining exactly what it is you expect him to do gives you the idea from the very first email what that is.

It is necessary this way so that neither you nor the influencer would waste time. If you were to put yourself in their shoes, perhaps, you already did. 

Then let us assume a situation when your business received an email with warm words and compliments without really asking anything in return. 

You would probably think this is at least weird if not borderline stupid. Because, if you are writing an email and you want to collaborate then you need to reveal what you want to collaborate on or with. 

You don’t really have to reveal your budget and discuss the prices or compensation value at this point. But making it clear what you are asking is a must. 

✅ Leaving contacts 

This part is a bit too easy and may seem unnecessary to mention. However, if you know the number of people who contact us without proper contact details that we can use to contact them back. 

Therefore, you should make this part a special assignment in your influencer outreach. The email you wrote or the company number won’t do it. 

You need to be specific and write when exactly they can contact you through what means. It makes it even better if you leave your cell phone. 

Leaving your cell adds to the personalization aspect of your email because it shows you’re eager to have a deal and trust them with your cell number. 

✅ Ask if they have a question 

In your influencer outreach email, it is also necessary to ask if they have any questions. Not only will this make you seem more human and open-minded, but someone is not just interested in a hit-and-run type of deal. 

As we have been discussing, you know the influencer community is more interested in long-term relationships. 

If they are to do any sort of business with you, they are sure to have some questions. Especially about the compensation. Because you should not reveal it from the first email.

They can also be interested in understanding your product better. This is why, even if you ask if they have questions, leaving sections of your site or possible answers makes it even easier for them to find the answers too. 

✅ Deadline 

Now you wrote a personalized email with some compliments and the exact reason for reaching out while explaining how the outreached influencer will gain from this partnership. 

Moreover, you were clear about what you were asking and left the contact details to be easily contacted by. 

Thus, you have done it all correctly and now you’re about  to finish your email 

One last thing, which is actually not quite the last, but something among the final elements of a great influencer outreach email template, is that you need deadlines.

Deadlines put a bit of pressure but make it clear how long you are willing to wait for them to make your partnership work. 

While you might not be the only person asking for a shoutout or something of this sort. They understand that they are not the only possible options for you or your business. 

However, if you don’t specify a deadline they may not act promptly or properly and make you wait longer than you planned. 

That is why be direct and open on how long you are willing to wait for a response.

✅ Thank them 

Obviously thanking them is another must-element of influencer outreach. This is so given that it wasn’t quite necessary to write, yet with everything else above, if we don’t write you may not also. 

That is why, we will make a list, in the end, comprising all points into one so that you can just copy and paste it. 

In the list, we will not forget to mention the fact that you need to thank them, and, please, don’t forget as well.

✅ Follow up and through 

Follow-up is the most important aspect of any business relationship because we are all humans and we tend to forget a lot. 

Without following up your business proposal would just be lost and forgotten. This is why you should always follow up. 

Of course, we just said you need to have a deadline and ask them to get back to you. But sometimes you may end up wanting to work with just that influencer whom you need the most. 

In those situations, you will have to follow up and contact them one more time. The email template for follow-up letters is very simple. 

You need to mention that you guys talked before and reveal why you are following up. Don’t forget to add that you like him specifically which is the reason you’re following up. 

To wrap up

Influencer outreach is an easy task with seemingly simple guidelines, but a very important one. Especially if you are a business that stands to gain a lot from a certain influencer’s audience. 

Thus, conducting a correct way of influencer outreach is a must for you and your business. 

In this article, we have discussed some of the ways you can already adapt today to get some results. 

Also, discussed the guides of other notable people in this field. Now, it is time for us to wrap it up, for you to get to do it.  

The influencer outreach cheat list that was promised: 

  1. Personalize 
  2. Compliment
  3. The reason
  4. The benefit
  5. Ask directly
  6. Contacts
  7. Questions
  8. Deadline 
  9. Gratitude 
  10. Follow up

We have made the list concise, but if you have been reading, or at least read that part about the influencer outreach tips, you are going to make sense and understand. 

Use this list to form your emails, or follow the Neils guide. Either way, you will sound and stand out like no other person. 

Let us answer some of the burning questions from the net and advise you on issues related to influencer outreach. 

The answer to some of the questions has already been given if you have been reading it. However, for the sake of clarity and completeness of this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do influencer outreach on Instagram? 

Doing an influencer outreach on Instagram doesn’t vary from the general ways that people do outreach. 

You will still need to think carefully before you construct any influencer outreach emails or DMs. 

However, at the very core, they are actually quite similar. Meaning that you will still need to personalize, compliment, state the reason for reaching out and providing the exact ask so on and on. 

Therefore, executing an influencer outreach on Instagram is done in a similar way as it would be in any other platform. 

How do you reach out to influencers for collaboration?

To reach an influencer for collaboration is easy, it only requires you to send an email. However, getting them to agree is difficult. 

Thus, if you really want the collaboration, you will need to do your homework and write an email they can’t refuse. 

To write an email they can’t refuse you can use the strategies we have shown in the article, or you can come up with your own if you feel that works better for you. 

How do you approach an influencer?

The best way to approach an influencer is actually face-to-face on the street or somewhere open. 

However, that is very much unlikely if the influencer you want to sponsor lives in another city or is simply far away. 

That leaves you with only one option which is to turn into a virtual world of opportunities to approach and do your influencer outreach.  

The best approach through online means is to write an email. 

Writing an email needs certain elements to be productive. These elements have been discussed in the article. 

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