Rate a Seller on Facebook: All Steps

To rate a seller on Facebook, first, you need to be on the app. This was one of the first things you needed to know how to rate a seller on Facebook. 

With that useful information, we are getting started with the article to teach you how to rate a buyer or seller on Facebook.

Ratings are important factors when trading online, whether you want to buy or sell. They help you identify how trustworthy or how good the service is. 

Rating is possible between the buyer and the seller, once they have exchanged chats. 

How to rate a seller on Facebook

To rate a seller you need to look for an item that the seller is selling and be interested and message the seller.

When you message the seller you will have that option to rate on the right-top side of your chat screen.

If this doesn’t sound like something you understand, let us break it all down into steps. 

To rate a buyer or seller:

  1. Open your app on your mobile. 
  2. Scroll till you see the marketplace below and tap to go.
  3. Then go to your profile by tapping profile.
  4. Tap on the conversation with the buyer or the seller you initiated before.
  5. Tap on the rate buyer words on the top right that shows up right next to the name of the person.
  6. You can leave a comment or leave a smiley, such as a happy or sad face.

Remember that we said, you need to write to a person or have a conversation open with the other party to actually be able to do this. 

That is why make sure you write to the person before you rate, in fact, you really can’t wait if you have not dealt with them. So, that is kind of given. 

So, in short, that is how to rate a seller on Facebook.

However, you might be having some other questions like how to remove a bad rating on Facebook or how ratings actually work. 

Let us discuss those in the frequently asked questions part and give you exactly what you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do ratings actually work on Facebook?

Ratings have been changed over time to fit the buyer’s perspective better. Thus, the ratings of buyers are no longer public, while the ratings of sellers are public. 

Facebook claims this helps to keep the marketplace community safe. 

As per sellers, the ratings can be seen on the commerce profile.  There is a bit of manipulation from the Facebook side. The positive ratings which are usually happy faces will be considered  5 stars. 

The sad faces however will be three stars. That means even though people are unhappy, they can’t still leave a 1-star review or something. 

How to remove a bad rating on Facebook

There is no one way to remove a bad review or rating on Facebook whether you are a seller or a buyer. 

  • Try reporting the person who left the rating, but that is likely to backfire on you if Facebook deems the other party is correct. 
  • Report the review itself when you will both be dragging into a virtual courtroom equivalent of a mind-mess of a situation explaining what happened, and who was right over just one rating. 
  • You can also turn off the ratings, which is the easiest way to deal with that.  However, this might create further confusion with the other clients if you are a seller. 

So, it is best to not get a bad rating on the Facebook Marketplace, which is pretty easy. Because it is a social media platform people usually are casual and easy to deal with unless you really disappoint them with something. 

To Wrap Up 

To rate a seller on Facebook, there is just one thing you need to keep in mind which is that you have to have a conversation. 

From there you can continue on to rate the user if you have opened a conversation. To rate a seller you will see that on the right top side of the chat window

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