Complete Guide to IGTV: How it Works & Why Use It In 2022

The complete guide to IGTV, also known as Instagram TV, is still a necessary topic even after years of its inception. Despite its popular usage, the IGTV did not quite seem to hit the home run. 

The way IGTV works, it doesn’t even have to hit it out of the park. It is a feature that was built to rival YouTube and rival it does, albeit only on mobile so far. 

According to data from SimilarWeb research users of Instagram spend about 7 minutes on average.  

Perhaps they are not spending it all on the IGTV; the mere presence of the users, in just the sheer amount of time they are spending, makes one heck of a good argument to start using IGTV and learning its tips and tricks.

In this article, we will talk about how does IGTV works and what it is, and exactly how you can turn those 7-8 minutes on the platform into a time well-spent on IGTV.

What is IGTV

If you are familiar with IGTV, well you probably are, then you can skip this section. 

The IGTV was introduced back in 2018 as a way to be platform for viewing videos on mobile. Since then they have achieved it to a certain degree. 

At this point, about 9% of all the marketers are choosing the IGTV platform for their marketing needs, which is actually a good sign.

That just means there is still room for the newbies to come and grab more space on the platform.  

It initially used to be that you were supposed to film videos in a vertical way, but now any scope is accepted. 

There is also a separate app for just the IGTV, but users of Instagram can already view it from their native app.  

The video format is anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 hour (60 minutes), however, longer formats are eligible to only verified accounts. 

IGTV the basics

There are some requirements from the platform to make sure each video upload is up to its standard and of high quality. 

Your video needs to be of course an MP4 format, you can use their 9:16 ratio or 16:9 ratio.

The videos should all be at least 30 frames per second. The minimum resolution of 720 pixels.  

For videos that are shorter than 10 minutes, the max upload size is 650MB. 

For the videos that are 60 minutes, the max upload size is 3.6 GB.

These are some of the basics of what your IGTV videos should be.  But when it comes to filming one, it is pretty simple. You open your app, click on the plus icon and choose IGTV and that is it. 

Although it is pretty simple, what would a complete guide be without really completely explaining everything that is to know about IGTV? 

However, if you would like to upload to IGTV  from outside your device, you should follow the first two steps and instead of continuing to shoot, you just should choose from the ones you already have in your gallery


Even if you may have known what the IGTV was, and how it works, including even the basics.

There are a few things you don’t and should do when choosing Instagram as the platform to promote your business or yourself.

IGTV has a few advantages when it comes to posting video content. One of which we have already mentioned is that people spend quite a bit of time on the platform.

Although there are seemingly fewer people using the platform, this actually creates more opportunities. 

The biggest advantage of IGTV seems to be that it lets you share links regardless of the size of your account.  In many cases, sharing a link on Instagram has been something that uniquely belongs to the number of profiles.

Businesses or accounts that intend to benefit from the profile have always sought the possibility to share links. You could share from the bio but only if you have a certain number of followers. While with IGTV it is much simpler.  

If including links is one part of it. The other advantage is to have the preview on your main profile. 

When you create an IGTV post, you have the option of enabling a 15-second preview which will be shown to all the followers and more if it goes viral. If you are interested in influencer marketing and want to learn more about it, check out how they make money on Instagram versus social media platforms.

This is a great way to get more people to watch your IGTV clips. However, at the same time, it is enough time to let someone know of your product or offer within 15 seconds.

This alone must be enough to convince anyone to post videos on the platform. 

How to use IGTV in 2022?

Filming a video for IGTV should not actually be any different than it is for filming for any other type of post. However, because it is longer type content, with only 15 seconds of preview that will initially be shown. 

The videos you make will also remain there forever.  That just is ever more appealing to make videos that are ever-green. 

Imagine making a video today and receiving video views for years to come. That was just the idea behind which IGTV was created, and the platform is doing everything it can to steer it in that direction.

You may have heard people say that making a video doesn’t have to be curated, or interesting. Because people who are actually transferring over to IGTV are doing so because they are already interested. 

This is up for debate, and interesting content always wins, whether it is 15 seconds or more. 

The longer format videos allow you to make content that you otherwise would not have been able to make. 

Things like tutorials or series of videos can all be arranged and posted. Most importantly can be often repurposed for other video sharing platforms like YouTube or TikTok. Then again, unless the audience is actually viewing IGTV videos, there is the little result from the uploads themselves. So, keep posting consistently and then, perhaps, try to buy IGTV views to attract more views and generate a higher Instagram engagement rate. Yet, that’s a personal preference, and many influencers apply different strategies and techniques.

The best way to use it is in fact to promote your brand and your products. Although doing so in a very subtle way. 

IGTV for business and marketing

One of the best ways to use IGTV for business and marketing must be that you can use your existing content. 

If you are an influencer and have made videos for other social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook, you can share them on your IGTV penalty-free. 

This means making a video for other social media platforms, which can easily be repurposed saving you time and effort.

The other most successful way to use it seems to be that you can actually own videos like the ones you have posted before from Instagram itself. 

For example, if you have gone live and made a Q&A session, you could turn that into an IGTV and get more business out of what you have put your effort into days or even weeks before.

Many people also make exclusive content available on IGTV for their audience. If you are producing a course or a tutorial of some sort. Having one or two videos present and handy could be your next marketing strategy. 

For marketing purposes, it works best due to the video format it allows. If you were to ever get a brand sponsorship. Following through with their requirements or the list of things to talk about in 15 seconds is hard and might not be possible. 

With IGTV you could stuff as much as you can considering that you don’t overdo it.

IGTV vs Stories vs Reels

The difference between IGTV, vs Stories,  Reels is the format, but also the longevity

📌 When you post a Story it usually disappears after 24 hours.

📌 Although the Reels stay for as long as the IGTV videos. Their video length is considerably shorter. 

📌 Also, none of those formats allow you to leave links which is a big advantage of IGTV when you are in business. 

Because leaving links helps in more ways than having the possibility to drive traffic. As in most cases, even if people don’t click on the link, the link juice is still sent.

What works best is when you actually combine these features rather than divide them all. When you have an IGTV video dropping, then release the teaser with Reels, and advertise it on the Stories. 

It is always best to find creative ways to combine all the features and make use of all it has to offer, after all the platform has over 1 billion users.

To Wrap Up

When it comes to using IGTV in 2022, not much has changed from the time it was first introduced. However, all those tips like film vertical or just the organic with no edits are long obsolete.

On the other hand,  IGTV has emerged as an extension of the platform, something that is necessary to have as an accessory for the main account. But not quite enough to be a big thing on its own.

Yet, even then, marketers and businesses have used this feature for quite a long time and are constantly making use of it.

IGTV as a platform is for everyone and everyone who knows how to use it that which you know are aware of. 

Check out GuideMeHow to find more interesting reads to quench your third for Instagram knowledge and social media marketing in general. 

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