We Just Want to Say Welcome

Welcome to the family of big dreamers, addicted chatters, and cheery social media geeks. Your journey to social media marketing starts here.

Let us guide you through social media marketing

The “AHA” Moment

December 2019. it’s dark. It’s cold. Outside. Warm and cozy inside.

A small company of longtime friends is got together for tea-time and chat after a long and tiring working day. Jason, Amy, Dina, Craig, Tomoya (or Tom, as we call him), and Jonathan, are enjoying discussing the many dos and don’ts of content strategy, social media engagement, paid promotion, SEO, influencer marketing when this AHA moment happens.

A bunch of nerds decides to set up an actionable blog for those new to digital marketing. A labor of love.

Weeks after, here at GuideMeHow we put our best feet (well, actually hand 😉) to breathe a new life into your social media presence. Each post is written and read collectively by the team to ensure you get the most actual tips, tricks, and how-to guides to give you a fresher perspective on social media as a new marketing tool.

Who We Are

Want to know what we are made of?

Here’s the recipe –

  1. Blend laughter and optimism,
  2. Add generosity and cooperation
  3. And, sprinkle the mixture with boldness and affection.

Here you have it!

Who we are behind the scenes

Are we impulsive? Yes. Fussy? A bit. Lazy? Absolutely!

And, hey, we are nuts about:

  • Photography, 3D animation
  • Cooking and coffee
  • Yoga, piano and web development
  • Skating and dancing
  • Blogging and pizza

Who We Are NOT

We are not a marketing platform, a small business, or wheeler-dealers making money off you as just another Visitor X to our website.

We do get a small commission from the sponsored ads we run on our website from time to time. But as bloggers, we feel reader experience should not be interrupted with all those pop-ups and banner ads.

So, we try to keep it as less like a bulletin board as possible.

We hope, you’ll enjoy the social media marketing fruits this blog bears.